Morning Worship Service

bibleA more traditional service consisting of music, praise, prayer, the message, alter call, and communion. God’s Word is delivered in a multimedia format that engages the congregation and encourages them to enjoy hearing about our Lord. Pastor Marcella Bassett creates an environment that promotes interactive responses from the congregation. We encourage all to participate in every aspect of the service. Communion is held every Sunday, offered by the pastor at the front, or may be taken individually from a side alter, for a more intimate experience. All are welcome, and you do not have to be member to partake of communion.

Evening Worship Service

A more contemporary praise service with upbeat worship music, sure to make you clap and move around a little. It also provides an opportunity to hear a personal testimony or message laid on the heart of a member from the congregation. The Word of God is delivered with passion and truth by Rev. Dr. Shawn Key.


Bible Study

bibleWeekly in-depth Bible study with guides and discussion. Ever thought, you might want to know more about the details of the bible and get to know some of the participants a little better? Then come join us for Bible Study. Ms. Debbie teaches in a format that allows you to answer questions, ask questions, and make comments upon the text being discussed that day.

Prayer Service

A night to come together in corporate prayer – being of one accord – bringing matters of importance before the Lord.  Come join us and bring your prayers to the Lord and we will all join with each other to strengthen and lift one another’s burdens before the Lord. Prayer service is led by Rev. Dr. Shawn Key. Please contact Cliffton Cherry at (432) 638-3187 for location and direction information.


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