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God's Rainbow Promises Fellowship Church is conveniently located just north of downtown Midland on the corner of Loraine and Tennessee Ave. We welcome you to join with us as we worship and give thanks to God during our regular service hours. We look forward to seeing you soon!!

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God answers prayer. If you need prayer, please let us know by submitting a prayer request below. Our congregation will add you to our prayer list. We would also love to share in your praises, please submit a praise request below. If you would like a response, please provide an email address on the request below, otherwise, should you chose to remain anonymous, simply list your name as anonymous on your request.

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Our Prayer for You

At God’s Rainbow Promises Fellowship Church, our prayer is that you would discover the Author of love Himself...Jesus Christ. His life and death represent the greatest gift of love the world will ever see...a gift for you. All you need do is accept it...a brand new start to a life, lived in relationship with God. Meeting God is as simple as a little prayer...asking Jesus to meet you right where you are. If you are not sure that you know God, and that you are going to heaven, then repeat this simple prayer right now..Dear Jesus, I need You...I need Your grace to forgive and Your love to change. Thank You for Your amazing love towards me and for giving me life in eternity with You.

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